Being mom

Being mom is a prenatal venture by HerzoDoc MVZ. We engage in Pre-Post natal activities, Fertility, Lactation, and Hypnobirthing. 

Our aim is to provide the right information to you and your partners to empower a healthy birth. 

We are a very international group that supports each other in the entire journey of birth and beyond. TLC is our forte and “We are here for you” our motto.

Reach us on our email and we talk from there for more info.

Prenatal Classes

  • Exercises for natural birth
  • Dads labor classes
  • Breathing and visualization
  • Breastfeeding sessions
  • Prepping the birth bag
  • Birth plan
  • Expect the unexpected – inductions and C Section

Postnatal Classes

  • Emergency aid for babies
  • Weaning foods
  • Diastasis training
  • Weight loss
  • Baby massage
  • Sleep training
  • Infant stimulus
  • Manduka fitness


  • Visual aids
  • Breathing techniques
  • Birth scripts
  • Birth affirmations
  • Music and smells
  • Happy place
  • Fight or Flight

Massage & Reflex­ology

  • Acupuncture
  • Maternal reflexology
  • Back massage and Taping


  • Ovulation charting
  • Hormonal understanding
  • Detox and His & Her diet
  • Fertility massage

About our team

Being Mom educates and guides pregnant women with sessions on Trimesters, Breastfeeding, and Baby care, Postpartum, Labor and Exercises.

Being Mom brings to you what mothers, midwives and doctors have in the past but don’t anymore- That caring support. We crave in today’s day and age when we have an overdose of information but no discretion, lots of friends, but only on Facebook, many specialist doctors, but no personal attention, someone who can guide you and most of all LISTEN to you.

Nina our maternity expert, has a passion for pregnant bellies. She is a Certified Childbirth Educator and has pursued her B.A.B.E from the USA. She is also a lactation consultant and a certified maternal reflexologist.

Dr Katrin Koch, an OB-Gyn and a naturopath with more than 20 years of holistic practice for gynecology, treating patients individually on treatment options from conventional medicine and natural healing methods

Maiko, is a trained Nurse (from Japan) and a mother of two. She brings in her pleasing and charming Japanese culture and persona to our sessions training you in exercises and relaxing you with reflexology. She is also training to be a Childbirth expert and pursuing further studies in this field.

This is Nina

Nina is a certified Pre and Post natal birth educator, a lactation consultant, a hypnobirthing/ fertility and maternal reflexology therapist. She also specializes in maternal and toddler nutrition and pediatric sleep training. She has a passion for bellies and loves babies. TLC is her biggest forte and “I‘m here for you if you need me“ her motto in life. She has been working in the maternal field for 18 plus years.

She believes that birth classes should not just prepare parents to be but give them confidence to face the parenting world with a positive attitude. The classes that she hosts are interactive, fun, using tools that help the mothers have a positive birth experience. She calls the birth partners her Heros because a well-trained partner can be the mothers biggest supporter and can empower them for their right birth.

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