The Moms Stories

Here are three moms giving their insights of how “Being Mom” helped them in their parenting journey!

One day in the live of an new mom

New mom Eva

I’ve been with Nina before, during and after pregnancy. Not only is she professional but her warm support is worth its weight in gold! Nina not only helped us to expand our knowledge on the subject of babies and families, but has always supported us with an open ear and a lot of sensitivity. She gave us a feeling of security and the ‘ Aunty Nina approach’ that made us self-confident parents.

New mom Belen

Being mom has been a big support during both of my pregnancies. Nina is a great professional who will prepare you mentally and physically during the full journey, pre and post labor. Being an expat, I found here a community with other wonderful moms who will accompany you in the ups and downs of motherhood.

New mom Cristina

Joining the pre and postpartum classes has been so important for me: there’s so many things one has to learn when taking care of a baby for the first time, the questions never stop and Nina has always been there to offer her knowledge. I also found the emotional support I needed to go through the challenges, and an amazing community of moms I could learn from and who were always ready to listen and share. The studio became a safe space I knew I could always go to: Nina would always welcome me and help without judgment.

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