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  • Exercises


    Exercises help the expectant mother to release Endorphins- ‘feel good hormone’. This keeps her pregnancy problems at bay. Be it yoga, pilates, ball, breathing techniques or stretches, the advantages are plenty.

  • Infant massage and stimulus

    Infant massage and stimulus

    Babies explore their world through their sensories – seeing, touching, hearing and mouthing. Massage and soft stimulus help babies to bond with parents, reduce emotional stress, increase immunity…

  • Partner involvement

    Partner involvement

    The dad’s involvement during and after pregnancy, encourages an empowered birth. Being educated on what to expect, positions, breathing techniques and postpartum care helps couples sail thru stronger birth and after care.

  • TLC


    A hug you ask? What does that do? According to Medicinenet site, A 20 second hug can reduce harmful effects of stress, relieves blood pressure, decreases cortisol and cravings and builds better immunity.